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contortions of the lips, tongue, and surrounding muscles
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Sometimes I wish words didn't mean so much. For me it's okay, because I'm not so affected by the words...well, when people insult me I don't get affected. 6/11 boys immunised me. By constantly throwing them at me. And heck, I got so used to it, they all don't mean anything to me anymore. Call me a bitch? I know very well that I'm human, thank you very much. Whatever you say, if you're thinking false things, that's your problem. Your loss. I shall bundle up the issue and chuck it back in your face.

Somehow I can use words well. Manipulate them and whatnot. Comes naturally. Ask me to write out some composition on paper though, I'll freak. My hand can't write as fast as my brain wants it to, and my words come out scrawly and messy. I'll cross out a lot of things and you won't have a clue what I'm saying. So I prefer to type.

Words only flow when my thoughts flow. And my thoughts only flow when there's something worth talking about. I don't give a damn about what that poetic device connotes. But I do give a damn about those slaves taken from the Americas to the "highly profitable" slave trade back in the 15th century. I do give a damn that the negative impacts of exploration outweigh the positive because exploration was just plain simply selfish. Stupid Spaniards. Stupid Columbus. And Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. You call yourselves Christian. Ha. And Christians torture (indirectly) people because they have different coloured skin? Christians KILL JEWS just because they don't want to Hail Mary and believe that the Messiah has already come? Christians go on this rampage, even give it a name: The Spanish Inquisition, to FORCE everyone to convert?

You know what? I hate it when the history textbooks call Spain a Christian country. I absolutely cannot stand it. Because firstly, they're Catholic. And there is a difference between Catholicism and Christianity. Secondly, because they are a disgrace to the name of Christ. I am a Christian. I am a follower of Christ. That's what "Christian" means, did you realise that?

Anyway, back to words. We have to be so careful around them. Because there's so much power in the tongue. Wars can be won with words. The tongue is the power between life and death. Sometimes you don't even need to use the tongue. There was some bitch fight over some blog post. Girl committed suicide for it. Such flippant things. Why do we have to be so careless with words? Why must they be so easily twisted to mean the opposite of what they truly mean?

And it's the worst when you're communicating with words only. As in, over email, or facebook, or msn, or sms. Because people cannot see your reaction. Your tone. Your body language. They cannot gauge how much more or how much less they should say, and how they should say it. I'm very good at gauging reactions like that. My intuition is very strong, and it's easy to figure out what to say on the spot. But it's hard, with technology, the limitations of it. Emoticons don't work, even. For example, what does "><" mean to you? What does "xD" mean? What does ":/" mean to you? ":P"? "@.@"? What is the difference between "-.-ll" and "=.=ll" to you?

Ah. Perception. Perspective. Individual opinion.


Oh please, not the Giver again.


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