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Am I Making you Think?
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There's two types of "sensitive". There are the selfish sensitive people. These people take things that others say too harshly. They're too sensitive to what other people say/do etc, even if it's a small thing. The other type is the selfless sensitive type. The type that are sensitive to how others feel based on the other person's character, style, reaction, body language. I think it's very important to have the second type of sensitive. It's part of being considerate and pleasant to be around.


Of table manners, there is just two that I cannot stand if people don't abide by. Chewing with your mouth closed, and talking without food in your mouth.

Why? I'm not terribly picky about this kind of thing. It's not because it's rude or anything; that's a side topic. But it's just plain disgusting. I'm trying to eat in a civilised manner and across from me I can hear someone's food being physically digested through mastication. I really don't need to know. If I look at the person, I see what? The salivary amylase at work? It's disgusting.

The second rule is potentially worse. Disgusting, plus the possibility that food will fly out of your mouth. Plus, once, years ago, I was talking a mile a minute while eating fish. I got a big bone stuck in my throat. Anyway, if you wanna talk while eating, try to do it so we don't hear the food sloshing around in your mouth.


Something else, about the materialistic things of this world. Money versus happiness. This is a conversation I had with my grandpa.

Grandpa: When you grow up, you will be a doctor
Me: I don't know, maybe not (I was about to say I'd rather be a lawyer/actress/singer but he interrupted; he always interrupts...)
Grandpa: Yes, you will. Then, you will do plastic surgery. Because you don't need to see sick people. The only people you will see will be people in perfect health who are just very vain. You get a lot of money, know. Very rich
Me: Well if I ever do anything got to do with being a doctor, I'll be those doctors who research cures for diseases. Because that's interesting to me. And I don't really care if plastic surgery will get me money because I'm not interested in it and there's no point doing something you don't like even if you get loads of money. (I also wanted to say that I think plastic surgery is disgusting. Should've.)

My uncle, i.e. my Dad's bro, apparently paid his son $5 for eating durian. That's just wrong. I would never eat durian for $5 (EWWWWW). And this is like getting a lot of money for something you don't like. Like that plastic surgery thingy. It's interesting how my uncle and my dad were both brought up by my grandpa, yet they think differently. My uncle kinda followed my grandpa but my Dad decided he's generate his own opinions.
I think my dad is cool. Very very very opinionated, but morally upright. (But then, he's my dad. Of course I'd say that. He brought me up to believe in the same morals as him.)

In KL, my dad bought this book called Mat Som. By a comic artist called Lat. And the book talks about materialistic stuff versus happiness. It's quite interesting. Here's a poem in the book:
"Freedom for me
is a burden:
Whatever the leaders say
I just follow:
The brain God has given
need not be used -
except to earn a living . . . .

Doubts and
      yearnings of the spirit
      (if any)
I cure by running,
from my house
    to the office
from the office
    to my house
    till all questioning
    is drowned
by the noise
    of the TV
each night.

As I gape
at the TV
I'm licking-
my fingers
that good
Kentucky chicken

And I shall care
less and less.
I want to live
this way
Another thousand years. . . . "

Honestly, there's not much to say. Happiness comes first. Money is important, but it's not everything. Don't just have a life. Don't just exist among this population of 5 million (is it 5?). Lead a good life. A fulfilling life. Live.

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-Gasp- You *just* found out about Mat Som??? =O It's about the best comic book in this region! =D Haha, in my opinion lah >< My dad had quite a few... But my uncle found them and whisked them off to his house to read T^T Along with all the other comics (Tintin, Asterix and Obelix etc) =(

I agree about two types of sensitivity. But it is possible for one to be so sensitive in the second one that it... overflows into the first type... So sometimes I guess you need to give them the benefit of the doubt~

... Do you get what I'm saying? >

Heh heh. My dad never mentioned Mat Som before ><
And no, I don't quite get what you mean... care to explain further?

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