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My Presence is Known
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First post. Hi there :)

Never even heard of LJ til recently. But since quite a few of my friends seem to have an LJ account, I decided, heck, why not just try it out too?

So here I am.

I shall use my blogger account for a certain type of post. Maybe posts about my day, that kind of thing. Here I'll put my inner thoughts and feelings, deeper stuff I think about. It will probably involve Christianity and Philosophical things. I think it'll be healthy for me to put it all down somewhere for safekeeping. Not sure I can rely on my brain entirely ;)

So because this is a more serious blog, I shall refrain from using smileys. And I shall keep proper use of english. On my blogger, I'm a lot more lax about that kind of thing.

I feel like putting a smiley there.

Never mind.

Okay so when I think of something good to post, I'll come back and post!


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Can I add you? :DDDDDDD
(amy here btw...)

haha cool of course!! haha i shall add you even if you don't :D

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